Dating App Profile Revamp Handbook for Women

Hey gang! For those who don’t know me, I am Caitlin Cooper, a dating and relationship coach who is taking over German’s blog today! I’m here to chat about a project he and I worked on together combining his skills in dating app photography and my skills in revamping dating app profiles for higher conversions which means MORE DATES YAY!

German and I started working together years ago at a matchmaking firm where he took the photos and I would create their pitch to prospective dates and source singles for their matchmaking packages. We found that having clients take professional lifestyle photos and pairing that with honest and authentic profiles had much higher success rates finding compatible dates. 

Now, in my personal dating and relationship coaching practice I have had to do a similar process and help review their current process to find dates before we start working together.  What I usually see is great people who have stayed single for too long because of soured mindsets, out of date photos and lackluster dating app profiles. 

In a time of COVID and limited to access to in person connections, dating apps have taken a strong lead in the options to meet someone. 

I know what you’re thinking, are dating apps the only way to meet people because they're so frustrating???

Here’s the thing. If you go into dating apps with a bad attitude, a scarcity mindset and lackluster effort you will have a horrible experience. But If you go into dating apps with an understanding that you will get attention from those you aren’t interested in, gain plenty of stories to tell at cocktail parties about creeps and wackos and that it will take effort and will have a great experience. 

What I’ve noticed happens is that as soon as a negative message, a ghosting or any kind of disappointment happens on the apps the initial reaction is to delete the whole thing and never use them again. But dating apps are a tool to gain access to large pools of potential singles FROM YOUR COUCH! I mean, it’s pretty killer. So knowing this will be another tool to add to your diversified dating portfolio (going out to meet people, getting set up by friends, going in matchmaking pools etc) I suggest treating it as such and do your best to remove as much emotions from the process as possible. 

Now that we are keeping our minds WIDE open let's go over a few tips to help you be more successful while you’re on the apps. 

1- Make sure you have recent, clear photos of just you for your profile photo. No hats, no shades, no group shots. Keep in mind that most people won’t scroll through your photos and this is your only chance to make a good impression. 

2- Match with people who have put in effort to their profile. The amount of effort put into the profile has a direct correlation of how serious they take the app experience.

3- Make sure you have FULLY completed your profile and have some nuggets in your profile that give people an opening to ask you about.

4- Have some go to prompts ready for when you match with someone. One trick I like is to go on Hinge and go through all of their prompts they have for making your profile because they are amazing ice breakers. “Make sure to start with a question that opens up dialogue instead of one way responses like “hey” or “sup”. Try making a specific comment about something on their profile or ask a fun and light hearted question to get some conversation flowing. If you feel yourself waiting for the other person to start the conversation keep in mind there are no rules anymore or who can reach out first based on gender so don’t let that trip you up for reaching out first.”. 

5- Avoid becoming pen pals and Keep momentum moving by asking to convert to a call or FaceTime no later than 1-2 days of messaging. Anyone who isn’t interested in getting on a call or FT isn’t worth wasting more time on. 

6- Stay safe out there and get a google voice number so you can get on calls to vet potential matches without sharing personal info. I also love Bumble’s features of allowing video chats inside the app so you don’t have to share any info at all before getting a feel for who this person is. 

7 - Consistency is rewarded! Just like any other social media platform, regular engagement gets rewarded. So make sure to take 10-15 minutes each day to use the app. Make sure to first respond to any and all messages BEFORE doing anything else. Do not play it cool because messages will go away and you want to strike while the iron is hot. The more you engage consistently the more your profile will be shown to others. 

Feeling a bit more confident to get out there? Before you jump, set yourself up for success by checking out the ebook German and I created together so you can learn more powerful tips to set yourself apart from the masses and position your profile to gain the most matches. 

In this e-book you will learn...

✔ Insider tips on which photos perform the best

✔ Prep tips to be camera ready and take natural lifestyle pictures

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✔ Writing prompts for your dating profile

✔ Photographer suggestions for professionals in your area and remote shoots

✔ A run down of all the modern dating apps so you can choose which ones best for you

✔  And so much more...

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