Online Dating Photoshoots in Jersey City

I finally moved out of Brooklyn.  

After being in Brooklyn for over 23 years, my husband and I found the cutest apartment in Jersey City with a private backyard for my sassy Shih Tzu Leona. And by this point, you will be asking yourself why I care where you live. 

Well, this is opening new opportunities for us to work together. Even though I used to travel to Hoboken and Jersey City and, it was always a COMMUTE getting here. Now I’m just within walking distance, plus we have more options for those clients that may say well, NYC is not really my vibe, or it doesn’t fit who I am and is not going to fit my Online Dating Profile. 

As I’m getting familiar with the neighborhood, I’m noticing immediately how clean, colorful, and friendly Hoboken and Jersey City are, which doesn’t compare with the Big Apple. And that’s super important for your online dating photos because if you are the type of person who doesn’t necessarily like the busyness of the Big Apple or you never care about the big city, and having photos in the big city may not necessarily be a good representation of you or it wouldn’t make sense having photos of you in the big city when you never spend time there. 

But also, single people who are looking at your dating photos may start to wonder, “Why is this person in NYC when their dating profile says they live in NJ?” or this person looks like they spend a lot of time in NYC and I don’t really like going there and that could hurt your dating profile. 

So start picking some of your favorite areas, and let’s book your first online dating photoshoot in NJ. 

So here are some areas and ideas to consider when booking your first Online Dating Photoshoot in New Jersey. 

1. I’m still not driving, so let’s meet in an area with public transportation or walking distance of Hoboken or Exchange Place.

2. Your home: A lot of times, the best way to get comfortable is within a familiar spot, and what better place than your home? Let’s talk about lighting and times for the best results. 

3. If you are in any of the following neighborhoods, you should book a session with me: West Hoboken, West Slope, The Heights, Shipyard, Hoboken, Pavonia, McGinley Square, Jersey City, Liberty State Park; we should definitely meet. If you are a little further than that, let’s definitely have a conversation. 

4. Aereas, I’m familiar with Hoboken and Jersey City, The waterfront/boardwalk facing the beautiful Manhattan city. I’ve also done photoshoots at the Gregorys Coffee, Pier A Park, The Heights, and Exchange Place. 

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