Men's Clothing: 3 Things to Consider for Your Online Photo

I work with both women and men when shooting photos and although the misconception might be women are more difficult to deal with when it comes to choosing what to wear for their photo shoots -- it's actually quite the opposite -- it's the men who have a harder time figuring out what to wear.

Men tend to have chosen a dress style in the 7th grade and that's what's worked for them and that's what they tend to stick to (hairstyle too) and it's the biggest mistake they can make -- not being open to new wardrobe consultation--especially when they are about to commit to a photo shoot. See, men will tend to dress too baggy or too tight -- there seems to be no in between when it comes to how men select their clothes, especially when it comes to shirts.

When a guy schedules a photo shoot with me (online dating or corporate headshots) -- I actually admire when he asks for clothing advise because some times -- they showed up with an extra large blazer that looked too big on them and it doesn't compliment their shape and it ruins their photos.

So fellas, whether it's online dating photos or LinkedIn profile photos you're booking  -- you want to keep these three things in mind when selecting your clothes for your shoot.


Avoid any shirts or blazers that are just too big or too small for you. If the arms on the coat are dangling -- that's a's too big, unless you're going for the Honey I just Shrunk the Kids look. If you can't sit down in it -- it might be too tight and neither loose or shrunk compliment your shape--and the camera's going to capture it all. If you're showing off the guns -- well, of course we want tight fit but if that's not the case -- let's stay with snug as a bug in a rug.


I get it -- you have a love affair with logos and stripes but it won't kill you to avoid them during our shoot. Why? Because it takes the focus away from you and certain patterns do not photograph well and it will distract. Imagine the Mona Lisa wearing a Tommy Hilfiger logo -- yeah, the smile will be the last thing foreigners at the Louvre will focus on. The purpose of the shoot is you -- we are not shooting a clothing catalog -- so let's keep it to solids. Florals can be tricky but if the pattern is large enough -- it will work, but if you're dead set on a pattern --  it's always a good idea to send me a pic of the shirt before you actually commit to it. Let's coordinate...better than a good Canadian suit.


You'd be surprised how many men will go out and buy new clothes just for the shoot and it shows, meaning they look like they've never worn it before and the itchy material is conveyed through the awkward smile or uncomfortable stare into the distance. Maybe the material is too itchy or there is no stretch and it makes for awkward photography. Oh, and did I mention -- the camera picks up on it all, so stick to clothes you and your body are familiar with to convey a simple yet effective genuine pic.  Let's not have the other person viewing your pics sense the tension between you and your chinos.

In our dating photo session, it’s my job to capture your personality and mark that moment with a photo that will get you responses--and that’s what you want when you’re online dating, right?

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