As an NYC Dating Photographer, I know the importance of a standout dating profile. With the 8+ million people that live in the city, you need to fight your way to the top if you want to succeed. I love working with ambitious clients to help them take photos that capture their personalities and highlight what makes them unique. That’s why I’ve created my Super-Like Package to curate the ideal online dating profiles

Upon selecting this package, expect an exciting and adventurous two-week process that will set you up with a shiny new dating profile! After our first meeting I will introduce you to mindset coach, Nando Rodriguez, who will give you the tools for a successful and confident photoshoot session; and stylist, Turner Allen, whose keen eye will guide you to the perfect outfits without all the guesswork of dressing alone. Once you are ready, we will hit the streets and have an exciting day of capturing your radiant smile!

Each piece of this package is expertly crafted to give you the picture-perfect online dating profile. Say goodbye to the single life!

3 Hour Photo Session

With 3 hours in front of the lens, expect a comfortable atmosphere that allows you to let loose and be confident.

Be prepared to relax, laugh, smile, and witness a side of you that you never knew existed. With confidence radiating from your eyes, we will capture a photo that no one will be able to pass up on. This session makes sure that your photos will not be over-processed, over-edited, or over-posed: just you in the moment, showing your authentic, beautiful self.

5 Wardrobe Changes

More options mean more opportunities for success!

Give yourself a plethora of photos to showcase a wide range of your individuality. Fashion is a strong communicator of our personalities and our self-worth. How you dress is just as important as your hygiene and self-care. Dirty, wrinkled, or worn clothing is a major turn-off. Remember, the first impression you give makes a lasting impression. Your wardrobe allows you an opportunity to visually communicate to others who you are.

With 5 wardrobe changes, you maximize the opportunities to create a narrative that more accurately shows who you are as an individual.

90-Minute Virtual Style Consultation

Take the stress out of picking flawless outfits with the help of trusted stylist, Turner Allen.

Turner Allen smiling with arms crossed
Turner Allen is the founder and lead stylist of Style Turner, a premium full-service men’s personal styling consultancy.

Your style is your trademark, and with a little help, your pictures can really pop. A virtual meeting with Turner Allen will make sure your outfits won’t fade into the colors of your backgrounds, but instead, make you jump off the screen. Ensure you stand as grand and sparkling as the Empire State Building or tell a story as layered and textured as the ageless brick roads of Soho. 

60-Minute Coaching Session

Get the boost of confidence you need with personal coaching from Nando Rodriguez.

Nando Rodriguez Smiling at camera
Imposter Syndrome Breakthrough Coach Nando Rodriguez

Standing in front of the lens can be an intimidating experience, especially in the crowded public spaces of the city. A 60-minute coaching session gives you a chance to dive deep into building the right tools for a confident photoshoot. After your virtual meeting with Nando, you will be in the ideal mindset to stand tall in front of the camera. This coaching session will be key in capturing your authentic self. 

200 Photo Gallery

Keep a personalized gallery of 200 photos from our session to use at your discretion. 

Your dating profile may limit the number of photos you can post, and now, with photos galore, you can change that by posting new photos every month. 

30 Final Edited Photos

These photos will shine with an effortless, lightless touch of editing.

No need to hide the radiance that will surely be emanating from every photo, but we still want to make sure your photos have a flawless finish, with just the right professional touch. 

At least 3 Locations With Multiple Backgrounds

Let the beauty of the city help to tell your story.

With multiple locations and backgrounds, you will shine as brightly as your favorite parts of the city. More importantly, multiple backgrounds mean a more diverse portfolio of finalized photos. 

Review / Optimization Of Your Dating Profile

A second set of eyes can catch the mistakes you may miss, and guarantee that you have a well-rounded finished product. Don’t just stop at professional photography, make your profile as polished as your headshots.

 I will work with you to continue perfecting your online dating profile

BONUS! Three or Four 15-Second Videos

Make your dating profile really pop!

Two personalized videos for your profile add a special touch that will put you head-and-shoulders above the rest. Let those potential dates get to know you even better with a few words - just from you.

Meeting someone is an art form, dating someone can be a challenge, and staying in a relationship is beautiful – but it all starts with that first online dating profile photo. With the Super-Like Package, you can rest assured knowing that your online dating profile is going to be top-notch, showcasing the characteristics that will attract the perfect match! Why leave something as important as your love life up to chance? If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your online dating photo is priceless. 

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