The Value of Your Online Dating Profile Photo

When I meet new people and I find out they’re in relationships, I quickly ask ‘How did you meet?” I’m genuinely interested in learning because since I became a photographer, and started focusing on online dating profile photos in my business -- it fascinates me knowing people met online. It not only gives me business security, for sure, but the "once upon time" myths that meeting someone online was weird or something only desperate people do are no longer valid.

If you’re doing online dating, I suggest you hire a professional photographer to take your dating photos for three valuable reasons.

1. Fear of the camera goes away.

Stage fright, camera fright, whatever you want to call it -- it’s real and it's currently showing up as "deer in the headlights" look in your current dating pic! Hiring a pro will change that. My sessions usually start out with a “Hello”, and then a “I don’t like the camera and the camera doesn’t like me!” But that’s simply not true -- somewhere along the way, something happened or someone told you that you and pictures don’t mix well together. When you work with me, your fear of the camera vanishes and you’re able to concentrate on more important things--like your love life. Having a great online dating profile photo is a must in today's dating scene.

2. A new bond is formed.

A relationship gets established between photographer and client -- at least I develop one with mine because it’s more than a photo shoot, it’s a session where I get to met another person and learn about their life and goals and as I learn these things -- the photos come to life because I understand how to pose them, how to shoot them, and how to bring their authentic self out for others to see. This relationship is vital to the process. Don’t miss out on it -- plus, your photos tell a story, what’s your current photo saying about you?

3. You like you for you.

For many people, they are shocked at the results once the photos are in their hot little ands by hands I mean digital  screens. When I leave a shoot, my client is usually grinning from ear to ear because they finally, for once, love themselves and are okay seeing themselves in photos! I walk into gloomy faces and walk out with new BFFs!

No two dating photo shoots are ever the same, even if people are in the same industry, field, or company because just like you, they are unique and different. In our dating photo session, it’s my job to capture your personality and mark that moment with a photo that will get you responses--and that’s what you want when you’re online dating, right?

Online dating may not be easy, and being on those free dating sites might drive you up the wall--but all my clients report an increase in their dating response rates (up to 10 times!) after our session after they start using our photos. One guy had to turn off his profile because he couldn’t keep up with the responses. Another client later contacted me to hire me for the wedding! How great are those stories?

They all started with them booking a session. I don’t just take your photo— I get you results, valuable results!

Book your next photo shoot and make your mark with Marin!

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