Therapy, TikTok, and Dating, Oh My!

People are sharing mind-blowing advice that their therapists have given them on TikTok. Things from how to handle adversity at the workplace to coping with childhood trauma. And people dating in 2022, in a similar boat, refuse to be left behind.

According to Hinge’s 2022 dating prediction data, 91 percent of users prefer to date someone who goes to therapy. And in case you need more proof, 89 percent of daters are more likely to set up a second date with someone who’s revealed, on the first date, that they are in fact, in therapy.

As a breakthrough coach, this report doesn’t surprise me. It was only a matter of time before coaching or therapy caught up to the times we’re living in. We just experienced some major trauma-inducing times with the pandemic and folks are getting a sense of normalcy back which means dating profiles are being updated with new photos or new witty headlines are being added…which is a great sign. What else is a good sign? Being in therapy, it signals that a person’s relationship with their mental health is a priority to them…and that is sexy.

Let’s face it — people are single for multiple reasons. One is by choice, and another could be because of self-sabotaging patterns showing up as chaos while in the dating phase or later on in a relationship. Being in therapy no longer carries the same stigma it once did — now, someone is in therapy getting support to end these unhealthy patterns is both refreshing and commendable.

It’s common to have some self-doubt or nerves while dating, especially if you’ve been out of practice, like most people due to the pandemic, but if you have a tendency to severely overthink things, then you won’t be truly present during your date; instead, you’ll be in your head, and that’s a red flag. It might mean you have an overactive prefrontal cortex and with some coaching techniques and methodologies, you can easily rewire your brain and stay in the moment longer, enjoying your time and your date’s company. 

No one should be looking for perfection or for it to “be perfect” on a date because it doesn’t exist, but you want to have a good time, be present, and show up as confidently as possible. With the season changing soon, and daters starting to swipe, you’ll want to schedule your online dating photo session that includes a coach, believe me, 91 percent of daters would cheer you on. 

Nando Rodriguez is a breakthrough coach working with influencers, media personalities, and entrepreneurs looking to shift their relationship with their mindset. You can follow him on Instagram or TikTok for tips and techniques guaranteed to help you shift your perspective.

Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

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